A book written in 2006 by John Boyne, a movie made in 2008 directed by Mark Herman.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a book and movie focusing on the Jewish and German background.

Let’s start in the beginning.
Bruno is a 9-year old (8 in the movie) who lived a rich life in Berlin. Bruno comes home to see his family, servants, and maids were packing up the whole home. It turned out that his father, a SOLDIER, had gotten a promotion, so they had to move to Poland.

However, the place they moved to was called the…

Yun Dong-Ju is a Korean poet, born on December 30th, 1917. His death was in Fukuoka Prison, where he died on February 16th, 1945.
Based on the movie “Dongju: The Portrait of the Poet,” there are many theories adding onto his life plot, and my rephrasing and the movie itself could have theories that are not necessarily true, however the theories were and still are the most popular theories on Yun DongJu AND Song MongGyu’s [his cousin and friend, who is very important to the plot.] life plot. for example, their death. What caused it?

Yun DongJu and Song MongGyu…

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Ae Shin starts to tear up, and Hina on the train watches them. She puts out her hand and says, “I wonder if this is our last snow day.” As she talks to herself, a hand grabs her own hand, dragging her down. It was Dong Mae. She stares right ahead, and they both stay in silence until Hina brings out a gun and Dong Mae puts up his hands, and Hina tells him he should be careful when grabbing a woman’s hand since they might not always be holding such delicate things. …

“Who lives in this Joseon you’re trying to save? Will butchers live? Will slaves live?”

Eugene tells Ae Shin to leave first, since they could no longer walk side by side. Ae Shin slowly turns around, and starts walking back. Shooken and shocked, she slips and tips over onto the ice. Eugene walks over and helps her back up. She turns around once again, and slowly walks away.

At the glory hotel, Lee Se Hun’s mistress appeared in Hina’s room. She was the one who took the gold from Se Hun, and was plotting a plan on running away. She…

We all know what Covid-19 is. Most of us are waiting on it to finish and go out in public without needing to get pulled over for not wearing a mask, not social distancing by 6 feet, etc. We’ve been in Quarantine for about 9 months, since it started in March 2020.
Covid cases has been rising up since then, making it more and more risky to go to places and just simply interacting with friends. …

During times in 2020, many people have gained idols. However, the word “idol” has seemed to be taken the wrong way.
TikTok has gained a enormous amounts of users and installations, and on that app many celebrities take a platform. Such as Charli D’amelio, Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, Sienna Mae, and even celebrities who star in movies, TV shows, etc.
Mainly children get an idea to start a FanPage. FanPages usually contain edits, promoting whoever the account is made for, daily questions, etc.
However, what I have noticed is people took the word “idol” wrongly. …

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a item used in many vapes (ex. Juul, Puff Bars.) It is an alkaloid inside of the Coca Plant.
You might have heard of Juul once you’re in a higher grade in school. Juul’s are Vapes that many teenagers use.

Scientists have figured out that the amount of teenagers who underage vape has decreased by a lot it did years ago, which is a good sign. However, just because the amount of teenagers who vape has decreased, it does not mean there are other things to concern over.

How Addictions like these happen!

How do addictions like these happen? Our brains are very…

Ae Shin ran over to him and hugged him. “I’ve already learned every word starting with ‘H’.” She says. When she lets go, Eugene jokes around that she studies english too diligently. She then says that they should move to a different location just in case the medicine shop owner comes back soon. She orders her servants to come in, and she introduces them to Eugene as her left and right hand. Ae Shin leaves for a second, and EUgene jokes and asks Haengrang if he’s the right hand, but he denies and says Haman daek is the right hand…

One day, Hina appears at the American Legation, notifying Eugene that the King has summoned him to his palace. She says for him to be there at 8pm, and that they will pick him up at the Glory Hotel.

When he arrived at King Gojong’s palace, he started a conversation about the incident. Gojong asks why he saved the woman’s life, and if he was considering giving some advice about saving Joseon.

Eugene responds saying that he saved the woman not because she was a Joseon woman, but because he felt the urge to save her, and that he couldn’t…

Ae Shin smiled, and said of course. She asks what she has to do first, and he says they need to introduce each other, and she gladly does so. She introduced herself as Go Ae Shin, and she referred to him as Eugene Choi. He then corrected her as “Choi Eugene.” Then, he says the next step is to shake hands. She again gladly does so,then asks when they let go. He then explains she can let go when she trusts him to not have a weapon in his hands.

Later at the Glory Hotel, Eugene walks past Hui Sung…

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