Mr Sunshine Series Introduction | Ep. 1

Hello! During Quarantine, I have been getting into KDrama. I have never really been interested in it that much, but I started watching a couple, and got hooked.

The first one I watched was Mr. Sunshine, and at the end I nearly sobbed my eyes out. It’s a KDrama about the History of Korea, but back in the old days it was called Joseon.

It is also a fictional romance, and I decided to write a summary on it!
Daily, I will post 1–3 episodes. Enjoy the first one!

The first episode was backstories of certain characters. It started with Yu-Jin Choi (Eugene Choi.)

The minister of foreign affairs, Lee Sae Hun, had wanted Eugene’s mother as his 2nd or 3rd wife. Eugene’s parents were slaves, working for Hui Sung’s Family, when he wasn’t born yet.

His parents and him tried to run away, but got caught. They had to be punished, but they only punished the father, since their whole plan so Eugene’s mother could be the minister’s wife was to get rid of the father.

Eugene, only being 9, could be beaten up as well for trying to protect his mother and father.

The mother stood up and cut Hui Sung’s mother’s (Ho Sun) neck. Since she was pregnant, a more threatening place to cut was her stomach. Eugene’s mom took off an expensive ornament from Ho Sun’s dress and threw it at him, telling him to take it and run away. Then she said if anyone dared to stop him she would cut Ho Sun’s stomach.

Eugene ended up running away, and they didn’t kill the mother, but finished killing the father. She didn’t want to live a dreadful life and she jumped into the well.

People set off to find Eugene, and him being 9 years old just ran wherever he could set his foot into. He ended up in a pottery shop, and the owner (Hwang Eun San) let him eat food.

A man showed up in the doorway, a American man named Joseph. He was there to buy pottery, but suddenly gunshots were heard from afar.

There was a war between America and Korea, where Ae Shin’s gun-shooting trainer, Jang Seung Gu, was fighting with his father.

He was just a teenager himself, since Ae Shin wasn’t even born yet at that time.

Seung Gu’s father ended up getting shot, and as Seung Gu tried to shoot the guy who shot his father he shot Lee Wan Ik, a disgusting person.

Eugene ended up going to America with Joseph as his guardian, and is where he changed from Yu-Jin to Eugene. He got bullied since they weren’t nearly any Asians in America, it was pretty much rare for a little Asian kid to be in America.

Since he was bullied for being Asian, he trained to be a US Marine Soldier to be “American,” and now he’s Captain!

Ae Shin was a day old when her parents passed away. Her family was in Tokyo at that time, and when her father and her father's friends went somewhere, only his friends came back. 2 of them, Seung Jae and Song Young returned telling Ae Shin’s mother “One of us is betraying us, whoever it is we need to run.”

Ae Shin’s mother (Hui Jin) frantically handed over the baby to Song Young and told him “I gave birth just yesterday, if I go we’ll all die.”

She opened up a floor door leading to an exit, and Seung Jae and Song Young went through there with Ae Shin.

She took out a gun to defend herself, and shot through her door before Lee Wan Ik and the friend that betrayed them (Kim Yong Joo) entered the room. Wan Ik ordered his workers to shoot her through the door, and she barely survived. She made one last shoot before she got shot in the heart.

Before she died, she said to Wan Ik “Our people will come for you, and kill you for all the betrayals you made.” and died.

On the other hand, Sang Hwan (Ae Shin’s Father) was still alive. As Wan Ik and Yong Joo walked out, they saw Sang Hwan with a gun. “Tell me what Wan Ik’s offering, we’ll double the amount he’s pricing you!” As he kept threatening them, he was finally shot in the head by Wan Ik, and died in an alley in Tokyo.

Seung Jae and Song Young went back to Joseon to see Ae Shin’s grandfather, Lord Go.

In the rain, Haman Daek and Haengrang Servant cried in front of the house, in despair of Ae Shin’s parents death.

That was the first ever time Ae Shin ever saw her grandfather, and moving on lived with him.
However, she did not turn out the way her grandfather wanted her to turn out as. She was interested in the outside world and newspapers, being updated of everything in the world, when all Lord Go wanted was a granddaughter who would focus on marriage and her future husband’s needs. So that’s when he set up an arranged marriage with Kim Hui Sung.

Hui Sung was the child of Ho Sun, who was the woman that was pregnant when Eugene escaped from Joseon. He grew up as a nice man, but was very irresponsible and gambled. He studied in Tokyo like his father did which pushed the arranged marriage by 10 years (and more tehe.)

Overall, Eugene ended up going to Joseon as a task from Theodore Roosevelt to work at the American Legation in Joseon.

At his stay, he would also be working as a sniper. He made his way to Joseon with Kyle, a military friend.

Ae Shin, on the other hand, was a noble woman. However, she did not act like one.

What I say on here is my Opinion and what I think should be normalized and improved. Please read my posts, they’re to spread awareness!